Technologies, such as analytics engines and inference engines, work within and with other components such as Learner Specific Model and Achievement Tracking Component of Competency Systems ® to give feedback to the learner in various ways, such as dashboards, reports, alerts and real-time feedback presented within learning activities. It pulls data from the Reference Framework and sends data to Learning Maps to inform recommended pathways, to Assignment Lists, and to the Learning Resource Discovery component as cues for filtering based on learner needs and assertions about the quality of learning resources based on actual use.

Alerts: Alerts are used to send email and text messages to users regarding performance, due dates, new information. The Recommendation/Analytic Engine Components and separate Learner Motivation feedback systems may send data to trigger

Motivational Feedback Functions: The personalized workspace is also a portal to the display of motivational feedback. Learner motivation can include things like badges and awards, but the best systems of motivation will be personalized along with learning. Learner motivation is more complex than offering gold stars. Different things motivate each learner.