In competency-based systems, learners pathways are personalized, reflecting each learner’s unique needs, strengths, interests, goals, and pace.

The order in which learners master learning targets both within and across academic disciplines may vary. Rather than coupling the standards with specific ages or grade levels, they are based on learning progressions that provide guidance to learners within their zone of proximal development. Personalized learning experiences may include formal and informal learning opportunities both within and outside schools. Varied pathways (and pacing) should not be mistaken for the inequitable, traditional practice of tracking. Competency-based education meets learners where they are to ensure that each student can attain the same high standards.

In competency-based system, pacing is no longer uniform. The primary goal is deeper learning, not faster learning. Varied pacing can mean that learners who are proficient in certain standards are encouraged to engage in ways that lead to greater depth of knowledge and multiple ways of demonstrating competency. Varied pacing does not imply that there is a single learning pathway that learners simply navigate at different speeds.

Competency Systems ® offers a comprehensive suite of item authoring and assessment creation platform, where learners can choose personalized pathways that are aligned to the performance criteria, which are rigorous, common expectations for learning (knowledge, skills, and dispositions).