Learners'Experiencein a Competency-Based School

Below are examples of experiences that every student should have in a well-developed personalized, competency-based system.

1. I am fully supported in developing academic knowledge and skills, the ability to apply what I have learned to solve real-world problems, and the capacities I need to become an independent and lifelong learner.

2. I feel safe and am willing to put forward my best effort to take on challenging knowledge and skills because I have a deep sense of belonging; feel that my culture, the culture of my community and my voice is valued; and see on a daily basis that everyone in the school is committed to my learning.

3. I have the opportunity and support to learn the skills that allow me to take responsibility for my learning and exercise independence.

4. I have access to and full comprehension of learning targets and expectations of what proficiency means.

5. I have the opportunity to learn anytime, anywhere, with flexibility to take more time when I need it to fully master or go deeper and to pursue ways of learning and demonstrating my learning that are relevant to my interest and future.

6. I am able to own my education by learning in ways that are effective for me with the support that allows me to be successful.

7. I receive timely feedback, instruction, and support based on where I am on my learning progression and my socialemotional development to make necessary progress on my personalized pathway to graduation.

8. My learning is measured by progress on learning targets rather than level of participation, effort, or time in the classroom.

9. Grades or scoring provide feedback to help me know what I need to do to improve my learning process and reach my learning goals.

10. I can advance to the next level or go deeper into topics that interest me as soon as I submit evidence of learning that demonstrates my proficiency.

Competency Systems ® offers a comprehensive suite of item authoring and assessment creation platform, where an educator can develop high-quality test items of varied depths aligned to the performance criteria, which are rigorous, common expectations for learning (knowledge, skills, and dispositions).